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the back to school flyer is shown with pictures of children in their homeschool
Back to Homeschool Fun First Day Ideas
Whether you're a seasoned homeschooler or embarking on this journey for the first time, starting the year on a high note can set a positive tone for months to come. Here are some engaging and fun ideas to celebrate the first day of homeschooling and create lasting memories with your children.
two girls smiling and hugging each other with the words prevent homeschool burnout
How to Make Homeschooling Enjoyable for MOM!
Why are so many homeschool parents are burned out? Maybe we don't consider our needs when crafting a homeschool philosophy. Here are six ways I make our home education more enjoyable for me, the mama!
the free printable packing guide for homes and wild & free homeschool com
FREE Editable Printable Pacing Guide Template
Free printable lesson pacing guide for homeschoolers!
A Pinterest Pin with three colored stripes on the top section. The colors are mint green, purple and yellow. Across these lines are is the title Report: Homeschoolers Outperform Public School Peers While Having 550 Fewer Class Hours Annually. Below the title are image comparisons of homeschool and classroom learning. Then further below the images on both left and write are time comparisons related to homeschooling. Success Principles, Homeschool Tips, Homeschool Help, Love Is Gone, Daily Routines, Homeschool Mom, Field Trip, Public School
Report: Homeschoolers Outperform Public School Peers While Having 550 Fewer Class Hours Annually
We surveyed over 500 homeschooling families to get a look at the daily routines and academic outcomes that characterize this homeschooling, a rapidly-growing educational model.
a collage of photos with the words teaching lost skills in your homeschool
Homeschooling | teaching lost skills to the next generation
Want to take your kids knowledge to the next level in your homeschool? Teaching lost skills. 16 old-fashioned, vintage skills, life skills, homestead skills & traditional skill to boost your homeschool experience! #homeschool #homeschoolskills #lifeskills #vintageskills #lostskills #oldfashionedskills #homesteadskills #traditionalskills
a child playing with a toy truck and the words, what to teach critical thinking to kids? try turning your lesson into a game
Want to Teach Critical Thinking to kids? Try Turning Your Lesson Into A Game!
It may sound a little counter-productive, but I’m going to suggest that you let your kids play in the classroom. For real!Play can be a serious educational tool. In fact, studies are showing that a lot of kids’ early life skills are learned through play.
Keep your homeschool morning routine simple with this easy homeschool morning basket idea! Homeschool Morning Routine, Morning Basket Ideas, Homeschool Morning Basket, Basket Themes, Homeschool Nook, Morning Baskets, Homeschool Styles, Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum, Morning Basket
Simple Morning Basket
Keep your homeschool morning routine simple with this easy homeschool morning basket idea!
the best classroom management plan for kids
Creating a Classroom Management Plan: Tips and Resources
Develop a comprehensive classroom management plan with these tips and resources! Explore step-by-step guidance on setting expectations, establishing routines, and addressing behavioral challenges. From creating a positive classroom culture to implementing effective consequences, learn how to create a plan that works for you and your students.
three children at a table with pencils and crayons in front of them
Insanely Useful Tips You'll Want to Homeschool Multiple Children
Planning to homeschool multiple children? It CAN be done. Here are some tips to help you successfully homeschool your whole family.
the best books about homeschool for kids to read before bedtime or at night
The Best Homeschool Books for Homeschooling Moms
Discover the best homeschool books for mom which will inspire you on your homeschooling journey. From new to used, find the perfect literature to guide your homeschooling journey.
the words what every homeschool mom needs to make teaching fun
Free Meal Planner and Health Journal for Homeschool Moms
Ready to change your life? Embrace the new year with our free meal planner and health journal. It comes with 30 days of thought provoking ideas for your health and spiritual growth, along with journal pages for daily thoughts and plans. Get started now!
two children sitting at a table with a laptop and notebook in front of them text reads how to manage screen time when homeschooling
How I Manage Screen Time As a Homeschooling Mama in Business
Screens are helpful for homeschooling, but they can also be a point of contention when our kids want to use screens more than they should. To help limit their screen time and focus on other activities, I came up with a chart system. Check it out and see how you can use it to help manage your kids' screentime for homeschool!
a baby holding onto the side of a wall with text that reads unlock the mental health benefits of homeschooling
Let's Talk About Homeschooling & Mental Health
Learn the basics of homeschooling and how it can positively impact your child's mental health. Understand the social pressures, learn how to foster a healthy learning environment, and discover tips and tools to help you get started homeschooling.
three books stacked on top of each other with the words a simple way to engage goal setting in your homeschool
Teaching goal setting in your Homeschool - The Upcycled Family
Smart ways to teach goal setting in your homeschool (with free printable). Fun ways to teach and encourage goal setting. Establish a life-long love of personal growth for young learners! #teachinggoalsettingforkids #goalsettingworksheet #goalsettingforkids #goalsettinghomeschool #goalsettingfreeprintable
a young boy playing in the rain with text overlay that reads 10 reasons i love homeschooling - a parent's perspective
Discover the Top 10 Convincing Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling — What Would Lola Do? Homeschool, PM
Lola shares her top 10 reasons why homeschooling has stolen her heart 💖🏠 From flexibility to fostering strong family bonds, discover why homeschooling might be the right choice for you too!