How to make a miniature pond in a pot - Add some goldfish and you won't have mosquito worries. Use gravel instead of the dirt and the water will be clearer. WANT TO TRY THIS!
A strange lonely blue tree: Walking down Leithwalk I met this strange tree, had no leaves, only blue flowers -  by klio1961, via Flickr
Wisteria tree at Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Fukuoka, Japan
Smarter Kids - tree      Mexican Folk Art Tree of Life Bar Bat Mitzvah Painting PRINT. $25.00, via Etsy.
The best container gardening vegetables and herbs to grow. Some exceptional plant varieties thrive in pots.
Arbol del arcoiris. en Culiacán ,Mexico...I want to meet you :)
Estos son los consejos para un árbol. Crea los consejos para otros seres u objetos. Por ejemplo un pájaro, un boli, unas zapatillas...
Use those pallets from work to build up the fences behind Sams for free then paint Em and plant them like hanging walls.  Use concrete pavers and pebbles and put a table out there.
Paisajes Naturales - Comunidad - Google+

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5-6 Popular Trees started out planted in a circle then split and grafted together as they grew. Chinese   Mastered art at its finest.  This is the tree from Bonifonte Gardens in Gilroy!!! it's real!
Ceiba speciosa (formerly Chorisia speciosa, silk floss tree, toborochi tree, drunken tree) - Aspire Park in Doha, Qatar. Belongs to the same family as baobab and the kapok. Native to tropical and subtropical forests of S.America. Rated among the most beautiful trees in the world due to its spectacular blooming with thousands of flowers in pink, white and purple. The tree is resistant to drought and moderate cold // photo by terp16 @
A Corious tree. I've never seen or heard of this. Amazing!
face in tree...
Dancing Lady Tree
Some assistance in bending, twisting, pruning and grafting a group of growing trees for 60 years could make this possible.
unusual trees - Google Search
What an amazing tree!
Spiral tree trunk - gorgeous
....and the ensuite will be over here next to the walk in robe. now, does anyone have chisel?