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My Blog: Derailed by Divorce

the everlasting effects of divorce on family and my own increasingly sociopathic narcissistic behavior that ended my 26 year marriage and ended my relationship with my son.
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Unmindful Devotion « derailedbydivorce

Unmindful Devotion

A walk will do « derailedbydivorce

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The vulgar mode of the spoken word « derailedbydivorce

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Give a dog a poisonous bone! « derailedbydivorce

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American Love « derailedbydivorce

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I had married, come to find out, where I did not love, and degradation would lower me to the pit where lawless (Godless) love abides. My guardian Devil continues to laugh at the tricks he plays at …

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Immoral Men « derailedbydivorce

Immoral Men

Faint, faltering words; this , to me, is what my blog about my path to divorce is clearly about. My pathetic attempt to use eloquent words and perfect punctuation to define my guilt. As I write, I …

Anatomy of Guilt

Silence can be eloquent of many things. The world seems quenched of all its wickedness in the soothing night. While in the everlasting tomb of day the duties and responsibilities of one’s wor…

The prosperity of darkness

Valley of change « derailedbydivorce

Valley of change