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My week 2 PYP challenge.
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Achievement - I've experienced achievement a few times in my life. One achievement was graduating high school. It wasn't necessarily hard, but it took a long time to do, and I felt so relieved and accomplished after doing so. A few ways I plan on maintaining well-being through achievement are by setting goals, working towards them, persevering to achieve them, and then setting new goals to maintain purpose.

Achievement Coaching - Elevating Success UK

Meaning - There have been many times when creating or understanding the meaning of my life has been difficult. However, there are a few things in my life that make me feel that it has meaning. I feel my life has meaning when I talk to my girlfriend and we make each other feel loved and happy. The way I plan to create meaning for myself is to try to impact more people positively to help myself feel more important.

Ten Ways to Give Mundane Life Chores Meaning | Colin Beavan

Positive Relationships - Maintaining positive relationships and ending negative ones is something that I sometimes struggle to do, but in the end I seem to always make things right. Currently I have a positive relationship with almost everyone in my family, as well as my friends, and especially my girlfriend. My plan to keep this up is to try to make every situation with these people a positive one and to avoid creating negative situations with them.

About positive relationships and behaviour

Engagement - Entering a flow state is something I do quite often. I do this when I play video games, or when I get really involved in something else, like listening to music earlier this week. I experience flow quite often, and my plan to experience flow in the future is to do things that I love and to avoid things that I don't enjoy. I want to do things that will make me get lost in the experience, not things that will make me wish it was over.

What is Flow? - 15Min2Flow

Positive Emotion- Positive emotion is something I am actually very familiar with. I always try to be optimistic as much as I need to, so as a result I do experience positive emotions. The plan I have for experiencing positive emotion throughout my life is to always surround myself with people that make me feel these emotions, through attitude and care.


This week I decided to spend some time with my niece and nephew by going outside with them and playing with them. I had a great time and I learned a lot about what play means to them. The positive effect this had on my life is that I had a chance to get closer with my niece and nephew, and I was able to unwind and have fun.

jenniferjillharman - Relationship Tip of the Day

A few times this week, I actually sat and listened to music, but only listened to music. I loved the experience because it made me feel at ease more than anything else. I enjoy listening to music, but I usually do it while doing something else. This was a great experience. The positive effect it had on me was the feeling of peace it gave me. I've never felt more at peace, apart from while sleeping.

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Earlier this week, I sent a very positive message to my girlfriend. We've been together for 3 months and I sent her a message telling her how happy she makes me and how much she means to me. It made me feel good to brighten her day by telling her these things. The positive effect this had was the message she sent back describing the same things I said to her in my message. This made me feel so wonderful.

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