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NEVE 8048 CONSOLE - "when first started recording school in 1975 in CA, the NEVE BOARD and STUDER TAPE MACHINE was the state of the art. Decades later Neve/Studer is still my ultimate analog combination. I cut a few albums on Neve/Studer set-up at Inner City/One World Studio in Boston in the 90s and still dream of having my own NEVE - STUDER rig.... plugged into mega Pro Tools HD rig." - BTM

MCI JH-400 Series Recording Console

Studer 963 inside - Google zoeken

Lot comprenant: - Console Broadcast 928 STUDER - Etat moyen (2G49) - Alim STUDER - Etat moyen (2G45) - Alim STUDER - Etat moyen (2G45) Broadcast Board 928 STUDER 0002142 Power Supply STUDER 8047 0000571… - Art Richelieu - 07/06/2015

Muscle Shoals Studio. The console looks like an MCI 400 series, which I spent a lot of time on way back when. #recording

MCI JH-528C (1979) 28x24

An Early Amek M1000 Recording Console

Home Recording Studio Soundproofing

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