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a woman in a black sports bra top is holding her hands up to her head
I Found the Hardest Workout in New York
Working out at a new gym called Tone House put me at the crossroads of gym class hatred and a desire to look like Jennifer Lopez.
a woman with wet skin posing for the camera
Strong Woman Workout Photos and Premium High Res Pictures
Sweaty female post workout
two women in sports bras and one is holding her fist up while another woman looks on
Women working out in exercise class
Women working out in exercise class
a woman is doing push ups in the gym
Strong Woman Workout Stock Photos and Pictures
Focused female boxer doing push-ups
an image of the different types of boats on display in this web page, which is also
real_pixels.jpg by Circ
Experimenting with different styles and futuristic concepts whilst incorporating and combining principles of material design (elevation, shadow depth, direction) metro/modern UI (tiles, typography, visual data) and flat design, by Balraj Chana.
the landing page for an aircraft that is flying through the air
adidas - Battle Pack
Cool Web Design, Adidas. #webdesign #webdevelopment []
the website design is designed to look like it has many different colors and shapes, including purple
engage2015_pixels.png by Jaromir Kavan
I like the reverse type on the two tone scree. This is something you could even do on small things just to keep design consistent, like use it on a sidebar on a spread that is kind of plainer.
a series of photographs with different shapes and sizes
DYNAMIC // Gabia | Lava Graphic Design, Amsterdam // Gabia is the gateway to internet. Internet offers unlimited connections. The 'dot' in '.com' or '.kr' connects companies and organisations to the internet. To symbolize this in the word mark the dot is placed at the end 'Gabia'. The lines that commence from this dot represent the unlimited connections to unlimited networks. This visual identity visualizes speed, lightness, traffic, and unlimited and ongoing connections.
the word naming written in colorful letters with an image of a wave coming out of it
Wave sound logo
Wave sound logo by Vitalliy on Creative Market:
the back side of a skateboard with black and white graphics on it's sides
Beat Festival | Brand identity
Alexander Rubtsov – Dynamic brand identity for Beat Festival