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Mysta's Mirror

Musings of a creative mind through art and writings. A journey with Mysta Macallen to The Secret Library.
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The Cake Bird by Mysta. Mixed media with cake crumbs!


Mysta's Mirror: Cockatoo on found Spanish driftwood with mixed media.


Mysta's Mirror: by julie massam. Made from items found on spanish coast.


Julie Massam: acrylics and collage on canvas. Autobiographical themes


'People 2'. Acrylic and collage on cork oak driftwood from Spanish coast. Ginny Rose, 2015

Mysta's Mirror: by Julie Massam. Mixed media on spanish driftwood.

Man in Campo d'Fiori, Rome, watching a courgette 'spaghetti' making demonstration. Julie Massam

'The Time is 5.15.' Bottle tops with mixed media and watch elements. Ginny Rose, 2015

The market out in Northern Spain in Spring is a wonderous collections of your '5 a day'. Acrylic on canvas by Julie Massam

'Cornish Cottages'. Acrylics and collage on canvas. Commission by Ginny Rose, 2015 #GinnyRose #mixedmedia #acrylicpainting #watercolour #driftwood #foundobjects