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Cuisenaire Rod Addition and a lot of other fun printable worksheets


Here's a terrific book of Cuisenaire rod explorations and games for preK-1 students. Also includes a link to download Cuisenaire rod playing cards.


Cuisenaire Rod Addition for Humpty Dumpty - or maybe with unifix cubes?


Here's a fun way to practice your kids' knowledge of the Cuisenaire Rods!! This set contains 10 cards. Split the class in two and have two games...


Tools for Teaching Homeschool Elementary Math – Cuisenaire Rods


Cuisenaire Rod Estimation Stations: Set of 10 with Data & Record Sheet

Get out those Cuisinaire Rods and start estimating: length, area, body parts.... great for stations!


Classroom Freebies: Cuisenaire Rods and Fact Families


Wiggles and Giggles: Measuring With Cuisenaire Rods


Are you working on shorter or longer with your students? This is a great math station to practice this skill. You can use Cuisenaire rods if you ha...

Rods Are Great For Showing Parts of a Sentence ... click to see full size!

Create a clock with Cuisenaire Rods.