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Nail Art Ideas and Designs
#Orly Royal Navy и #Inm Daisy
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c3a9e34da537fa42feab7d7a9c98a99bf974-775953.jpg 564×847 pixeles
c3a9e34da537fa42feab7d7a9c98a99bf974-775953.jpg 564×847 pixeles

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OPI Fiji Skittle Manicure
Hiya Dolls! This skittle mani is looking very Christmas-y and I'm loving it!  I've been loving burgundy polishes lately, and I think they are a great transition color for Fall to Winter.  That gorgeou
Browns and Pink Glitter Skittle Manicure
«получила сегодня посылку от #cevnailpolish с кучкой таких красивых пыльных цветов аж пришлось сделать очередной маникюр под шарф, слишком оказались…»
Hey Dolls!     I have a soft and romantic skittle mani to share with you today!  I love finding new color combo's for skittle mani's,  I we...
Chic nails
thick stripes
100 Beautiful Nail Art Designs
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