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20 Trucos que te ahorrarán mucho tiempo a la hora de limpiar

Reggio quiet area for preschoolers built around a tree.

Havergal College: Light & Shadow - JK classroom ≈≈

recibidor con banco

Original Idea para Reciclar Cajas de Carton

New sensory board made from a photo frame - bubble wrap, fine sand paper, silk fish scales, tiger fur, snake skin, leather, sequined material and fishnet over bees. Cheryl's Family Day Care ≈≈

DIY Montessori Inspired Scent Jars

Small scent jar sensorial activity for young toddlers. Montessori Inspired Scent Jars - www.mamashappyhive.com.jpg

Homemade Sensory Tunnel

Tutorial for making a homemade sensory tunnel - a perfect tool for kids with autism and sensory processing disorder from And Next Comes L