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A List of Poisonous Plants and Herbs and Their Lore

Wolfsbane is a plant steeped in werewolf legend and lore...and is also poisonous.


WOLFSBANE: a toxic also known as “Aconitum”, flowering plant that can be used to repel Werewolves if great care is taken in its usage; an excessive amount actually increases the chances of savage transformations.

Monkshood: Aconitum nagarum, dark purple form. I can't pin down a variety or a source for seeds, sadly. You will have to do a bit of sleuthing if you want one. Excellent for a poison garden; not so good if you have kids around.


Monkshood (Aconite) also known as wolfsbane. A pretty fall bloomer for your garden of witchery. A classic witches garden plant. It is highly toxic so be warned.