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Woman carrying water at the rear of a column of Redcoats. "Under the Redcoat" re-creation of the British Army's 1781 Occupation of Williamsburg.


Top 10 things to do in Colonial Williamsburg

Top 10 things to do in Colonial Williamsburg -

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Make Ginger Cakes like They Do in Colonial Williamsburg

Learn how to make puffy, fragrant ginger cakes just like the ones sold in…


Raleigh Tavern, one of the places where Thomas Jefferson and other patriots met to plan the American Revolution, Williamsburg, VA, USA.

Chief Powhatan Statue, Williamsburg, Virginia / The Williamsburg area is steeped in history. An important part of that history is the Native American groups who inhabited the area when the English settlers arrived in 1607. The story of Pocahontas saving Captain John Smith is well-known. Her father, Wahunsonacock, better know at Powhatan, was the chief of the Powhatan Indians. According to the story, Smith was captured and about to be put to death when Pocahontas intervened.


Gown, pink-lavender lustring polonaise 1770-1785. Colonial Williamsburg


Colonial Williamsburg with Kids - Fun Finds For Families #familytravel #roadtrip #ColonialWilliamsburg

Making medicine at the Pasteur & Galt Apothecary Shop.


Colonial Williamsburg Multi-Day Admission Ticket