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GOODREAD'S BOOK DESCRIPTION 25 Authors Awkward Sex Epic Cause Holidays conjure up many thoughts - long chilly nights snuggled up by the fire bare feet tucked under the one you love. Some are hallmarks of summer when your skin is warmed by more than the sun. There is the after-Thanksgiving dinner nightcap and the feel of the smooth sultry burn of whiskey warming your chest rendering your limbs heavy. Or lazy kisses and wandering hands beneath your best dress on a romantic Valentine's Day…


This wizard needs a goblet of fire...ball whiskey that is. Forget the butterbeer, I need some straight up cinnamon whiskey. There's magic in drinking whiskey, and I plan to party with the Weasleys by showing them Muggle alcohol that is practically magical.


Fire Ball Whiskey, Apple Cider, & Ice...Ummmmmmm YUM!!!!

Fire Ball Vase make a hot Flower Vase or Whiskey Gifts by #LookingSharpCactus on Etsy www.etsy/shop/

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Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Whiskey Adjustable Red Hat Ball Cap #JackDaniels #BaseballCap

Lucy & Leo's Tallahassee: Chocolate cinnamon cupcake with Fire Ball Whiskey buttercream. #HolidayHaul #IHeartTally

The F-Bomb created at Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas, which is where Joe Pesci went crazy in "Good Fellas" Half a pint of Redbull Shot of Fireball Drop and drink