Purificar agua con arena y semillas Científicos de la Universidad Estatal de Pennsylvania han encontrado un método barato para depurar agua con un extracto de las semillas de la planta Moringa oleífera

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Astrofísica y Física: Definición de la "Zona de Venus" para acotar las posibilidades de habitabilidad de los exoplanetas

Researchers study inexpensive process to clean water in developing nations Penn State University

Astrophysicists and cosmologists are turning to statisticians to help them analyze an ever-increasing deluge of data.

A molecular genetics study confirms that humans first evolved into nearly hairless beings nearly 1.5 to 2 million years ago to sweat excess body heat and then used skin for self expression! Earlier, some researchers had believed that humans evolved to be hairless, similar to whales and dolphins, due to a common ancestor with whales and dolphins. The photo is a 10x magnification of the human skin dermis that has been tattooed. The black spots indicate tattoo ink.

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Jade plants. I was looking for boxwoods, but they don't do well in doors and jade plants are so low maintenance.

Need Clean Water? Get these Seeds! Shaken or stirred, it's all purified

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Babka płesznik - właściwości i zastosowanie, błonnik pokarmy, oczyszczanie z toksyn, usuwa zaparcia, obniża poziom złego cholesterolu, wpływa na wzrost dobrych bakterii w jelitach - blog.vivio.pl

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Bauhinia petersiana (Coffee Neat's foot) - Warthog Lodge

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