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Uniformes de tampico

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Carlos Paris, Battle of Tampico 1829

Victor McLaglen, Tampico (1944)

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Santa Anna (pointing) at the Battle of Tampico, 1829.

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Colegio Motolinia Mayo de 1971 6to A

Edward G. Robinson and Bari in Tampico (1944)

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Boys Authentic Cargos #2-First week of school.

(1840s) William Gates - Colonel, US Army; Governor of Tampico, Mexico, 1846-1848.

Educación Primaria :: Uniformes y Útiles :: Colegio Juvenal Rendón A.C. - Matamoros, Tamaulipas

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La Planchada in spanish means “ironed lady”. This is a well known ghost legend in Mexico. It is a story of a ghostly nurse who is seen in hospitals in central Mexico in urban areas. This nurse is seen wearing an old-fashioned nurses uniform. There are several versions of this story. The following is one that has been

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