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9 #REASONS #TO #HATE #POTTY TRAINING ( #POTTY #PROBLEMS) Nine Reasons to #Hate #Potty #Training (PottyProblems) So, it’s time to start #potty #training your #kid – a very important process, and one which can bring great joy (especially as the number of diapers you have to change reduces!) – but which, let’s face it, can also be a bit frustrating. To show you that you’re not alone in this frustration, we’ve put together a list of thirteen reasons to hate potty training. #infographic

#6: The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism

The Most Pressing Reason Why We Need to Help Our Kids Get Moving A headline crossed my desktop recently. And it made me sad: “ U.S. ranks near bottom among countries for youth fitness, study says ” We’d ranked 47 out of 50. It didn’t concern me that we’d be among the losers in a global field day. After all, the pressure to always win, rather than to have fun, is a key reason why most kids in the U.S. drop out of organized sports by the time they’re thirteen ...


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Pesquisas de neuromarketing

How do Colors Affect Purchases [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pesquisas de neuromarketing

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13 razones por las que a tu cerebro le gustan las infografías [Infographic

La infografía que te explica por qué te gustan las infografías

13 razones por las que a tu cerebro le gustan las infografías [Infographic

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Las trece razones por las que amamos el ajedrez favoritas de Kasparov

Clay encuentra una misteriosos caja sin remitente dirigida a su nombre. El contenido no es otro que una serie de cintas de grabación que parece haberle enviado Hannah, una compañera de clase que no hace ni dos semanas que se ha suicidado. A pesar del desconcierto que supone volver a oír la voz de Hannah, Clay descubrirá que él es una de las trece personas escogidas para escuchar su historia, en la que se detallan las trece razones por las cuales ha decidido poner fin a su vida.

Always hated for no reason. Think...can you even think of anything I have done to you???