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Con altavoces Hi-Fi incorporados ameniza el trayecto con las canciones precisas y los silencios necesarios. Y para los tramos algo más oscuritos tiene su propio generador de luces y color. Que viva el corazón y su sistema de navegación . Eeeegunon mundo!


Toe touch stretch! Do you want your toe touches higher? Do this stretch everyday! For beginners go as close to the wall as you can! Don't give up:) For a more of an advanced stretch push yourself all the way to the wall but if you can't have someone push you!! Good luck loves! #Padgram

Hi guys! Here's a great heel stretch, stretch! Find a wall and stand about 2 ft from it. Make sure you are facing it:) lift up your heel stretch leg straight in front of you and slide it up the wall till the top of your foot is even with your nose/mouth! Lean down towards your leg , grab it and pull yourself down! Hope this helps you guys:) DONT FORGET ABOUT OF FLEXIBILITY CONTEST!!:)) ∞Meg #Padgram