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Te adoro tanto. Y más de traje.

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Claras please

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Teen Wolf; Tyler Posey

One of my favorite of Rose Tyler's outfits. I think it wouldn't suit anyone else honestly. I think it'd look kinda bad on most people lol.

Derek Hale: Tyler Hoechlin and Gemma Chan at Wear The Rose...

Rose Tyler. Doctor Who. So many feels!

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El Décimo Médico,Médico Se Levantó,Rose And Doctor Fanart,Tenth Doctor Fanart,Ten And Rose Fanart,Doctor Who Now,Doctor S,Fuckin Doctor,Tenrose Fremione

"It is strange being back in the same suit, but it also feels very familiar and comfortable. There's nothing quite like Doctor Who. It has a wonderful excitement about it. I always had happy times there and it's lovely to be around Billie again, even though I see her all the time anyway."

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