Tina turner

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Tina Turner (WOW, she’s 73!) has collected Grammy awards and influenced much of pop culture (ahem, Beyonce) and now the icon is splashed across the Vogue Germany cover with a headline plucked from one of her songs, “Simply The Best.”    Source: http://cocoafab.com/tina-turner-lands-her-first-vogue-germany-cover-at-73/
Tina Turner she fought off a bad man, a bad marraige and became one of the diva's of women in music.  You can hear her heart and soul in her music and has a sound that is unique to her.  She is a role model and mentor to many and I adore her
Cher & Tina Turner - can't even handle this picture. 2 of my faves.
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Tina Turner “authentic energy in motion”.,,I WILL be this awesome when I'm an older lady