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Ternera Holstein

Calves are precious. If I lived outside of a drought area I would raise a dairy cow or two again. <<<< VGP says I WOULD NEVER RAISE A DAIRY CALF, THEIR LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS. ONLY ON A SANCTUARY DO THEY BELONG>


No te preocupes mi amor me fui a pescar con mi hermano para estar un poco tranquilo y hablar de todo un poco de ti de mi en Fin te amo me hubiera gustado que estuvieras aquí conmigo te extraño corazón El


Young veal calf. stolen from grieving mother at birth. awaiting slaughter and will soon be a pale piece of flesh on a dinner plate. A mere by product of the rotten dairy industry.


Veal Chop Holstein Schnitzel

Veal Chop Holstein Schnitzel, just ate it and boy was it yummy! not 100% sold on the sauce though