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Ternera Black Angus


How Does Veal Compare in Nutritional Value to Beef?

Beef and veal are common choices when selecting red meat to include in the diet. Beef comes from beef cattle. Angus, Texas Longhorn, Argentine and Wagyu are some of the more familiar breeds used for beef. Veal is the meat from young male cattle usually younger than 20-weeks old. Veal and beef both have the nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in...

Black Angus beef with lucky sauce (bo luc lac)


Brined Eye of Round

Brined Eye of Round, from the Certified Angus Beef ® brand ǀ

Crumbed and pan fried Black Angus veal cutlet w mesclun, herbs, heirloom tomatoes & aioli


Hamburguesa de Black Angus con picada de tomate, huevo y rúcula #recetas #gastronomía de Rubén Cordero


Cocoa and Coffee Rubbed Wild Boar Side Ribs with Classic BBQ Sauce


Steak Night @ Chez Jacqueline $15 Fillet Mignon;Grilled Black Angus Sirloin;Steak Tartar;Skirt Steak;Veal Scallopini...

cows Beef cattle are raised for their meat throughout the US.  Cattle farms are very important to the world.  We get veal, beef, hamburger, and hot dogs from beef cattle.

de Go Rare

Dinner for your dearest

Stea Au Poivre recipe