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TEMPLANDO EL ACERO: El legendario comunista Marcelo Usabiaga falleció

The Legend: 'Nissa Nissa’ he said to her, for that was her name, ‘bare your breast, and know that I love you best of all that is in this world.’ She did this thing, why I cannot say, and Azor Ahai thrust the smoking sword through her living heart. It is said that her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon, but her blood and her soul and her strength and her courage all went into the steel. Such is the tale of the forging of Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes.

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The Children of the New Forest

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A James Connolly Reader (Paperback)

2016 will mark the one-hundreth anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising in…


El uso del acero corten en la fachada de la Haus der Essener Geschichte de Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten le da un aspecto peculiar y hace de la misma un ejemplo de arquitectura diferente gracias al uso de materiales no muy comunes.


Acero resistida sienta junto envejecimiento ladrillo en Kew House de Piercy & Company


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This Home Is Clad In Burnt Wood And Weathered Steel To Fit Into The Surrounding Landscape


mf+arquitetos have designed this house in Franca, Brazil, that features a palette of wood, concrete, stone and weathering steel.


Kew House, Jack Hobhouse, I love the perforated weathering steel cladding and the old brick work.