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Do you let your child play with your cell phone or your tablet? There are many reasons why children under the age of 12 shouldn’t use these devices. Technology has developed and enhanced our lives for many years, but do you know what these handheld devices are doing to your children? Children should have …

In Memory Of: Black Women Who Died Unjustly

Unarmed, Tarika Wilson, 26, was shot and killed by a white police officer during a drug raid in 2008. Police Sgt. Joseph Chavalia was part of a SWAT team that raided Tarika’s home in January of that year looking for her boyfriend, a suspected drug dealer who later pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Prosecutors said Chavalia recklessly fired three shots into a bedroom where Tarika and her six children were gathered, even though he could not clearly see her or whether she had a weapon.


My future Inspiration. Deval Patrick!


Pupils must follow 'five-a-day' rule to boost mental health

The headmaster of Highgate School in London says that children need to be given more structure to their life – including a ban on computers in the bedroom – to improve their mental health

Autism, Independence and Getting Dressed

Autism, Independence and Getting Dressed - visual schedules free download


Personalizing Engagement: Checking In Before They Check Out

Through refocusing, clarifying instructions, and affirming progress, you can have a rich, deep impact on short- and long-term engagement one student at a time.

In tenants' own words: why the bedroom tax makes you ill

In tenants' own words: why the bedroom tax makes you ill. The bedroom tax causes stress, depression, loneliness and and hunger, social housing tenants told an academic study

How Often Should A Married Couple Make Love?

Believe it or not, a really good read and insight on why sex is important on all three levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.


Sacramento, CA - this was the next city we lived in. We lived in a tiny one bedroom apt in an old person's apt complex on the second floor. The person that lived next door played funeral music, the lady above used a hammer on her living room floor. And did I mention the carpet was black indoor/outdoor carpeting? We didn't stay there very long.

Summer Internship S.O.S.: How To Deal With Internship Issues

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