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As a growing metropolitan city in a developing nation, city confronts extensive pollution/ different logistic & socio-economic issues.


7 Tips for Improving Your Child’s Homework and Study Skills

Great tips for improving study skills in children with learning and attention issues


Makeup Brush 101: 20 Tips and Tricks On How To Clean and Use Your Makeup Brushes

20 Tips & Tricks On How To Clean and Use Makeup Brushes |

Book to help children with autism and sensory processing: Squirmy Wormy: How I Learned to Help Myself by Lynda Farrington Wilson

The pink letters spell “DYSLEXIA”. See our 12 Fonts 4 Dyslexia at

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Summer Internship S.O.S.: How To Deal With Internship Issues



How to Teach Love of Learning to Kids Who Struggle in School: On a daily basis, engage your child in what they are interested in. If they have time to delve into what they want to learn, it can make the more mundane subjects more bearable. And you never know when the knowledge they gain will become valuable in school, or in life.

1 Using a Pressure Washer on the Exterior of Your Home Pressure washing your home is an excellent way to rinse away those old cobwebs and restore your outside to its former glory. Pressure washing can be the first step in repainting the exterior of the home, or it can be part of routine maintenance you do each spring.

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In tenants' own words: why the bedroom tax makes you ill

In tenants' own words: why the bedroom tax makes you ill. The bedroom tax causes stress, depression, loneliness and and hunger, social housing tenants told an academic study

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Autism, Independence and Getting Dressed

Autism, Independence and Getting Dressed - visual schedules free download