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Suncatcher Mandala Flower of Life Chakras color Sahasrara Sacred geometry / yoga decor

LA FLOR DE LA VIDA es un símbolo adoptado por diversas religiones y creencias del mundo, junto con otras formas geométricas de la geometría sagrada. De


A sigil of Lucifer that was invented in 2004 by Joy of Satan, and then adopted as the main symbol of the Church of the Elders in 2007. It is based upon part of an earlier sigil from the Grimorium Verum.


Celtic Symbol For Motherhood | Celtic Symbol Motherhood | Pagan Tattoo ...

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Who are the Norse people (History/Culture post)

Runes (Proto-Norse: ᚱᚢᚾᛟ (runo), Old Norse: rún) are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets, which were used to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet and for specialised purposes thereafter. The Scandinavian variants are also known as futhark or fuþark (derived from their first six letters of the alphabet: F, U, Þ, A, R, and K


Árbol de la vida con símbolo de la adopción en la raíz #tatoo #tatuaje #arboldelavida #adopcion @mustachetatoo


The aya is a very strong tree, it represents strenght and grow in adversity. I want an aya because I have been through a lot of troubles in my life.