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Thor's Hammer Viking tribal tattoo 2 by thehoundofulster

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Cool armor piece by @platon_tattoo Platon Sosnytskyi

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The Mjolnir ("The Thor's Hammer") is the legendary weapon of the Norse thunder god,.Its stylized form is an ancient symbol of strenght, often worn as a tattoo or amulet of protection.

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Avengers traditional american tattoo flash

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Valhalla pewter Accessories: Viking Axe, Thor's Hammer, North Star, Nordic Crossle, Wolf Hammer, Odin's Mask and other Viking pendants Más

MJOLNIR - this is the war hammer of THOR, the god of lightning, thunder, wind, and rain. MJOINIR is the most feared weapon of the Norse gods. It was believed to be able to knock down giants and entire mountains with only one hit. When thrown, THOR's hammer would return to his hand after hitting its target. It is said that MJOINIR was used by THOR to slay JORMUNGANDR during RAGNAROK.

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Viking Nordic Tattoo by on @deviantART

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Some of the Most Awesome and Inventive Tattoos


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The Bullshit Stops When The Hammer Drops : Photo

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Celtic Design Thor Hammer Tat2 by on @deviantART