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No sólo diseñar o ilustrar reviste una fuerte carga de dificultad | CREARTIKA


Coexistir es una actitud mas sana Cultivar la fe y alejar los miedos. Mas calma y menos caos Mas paz y menos discordia Abrazar la confianza y alejar la duda Mas perdon y menos resentimientos Mas compasion, mas comunidad, mas manos a la obra

By Rev. Brad Just take one look around and you will see that there is a great battle in our culture. A battle some say is between the forces of good and evil. Though there is nothing new about this epic saga or east vs. west; right vs. wrong, in our modern culture of 24/7 news and media the

have given a tattoo a lot of thought over the years but could never commit to a pic or phrase...every since I saw the COEXIST bumper sticker I have loved the simplicity of symbols into a word that says all I want to say Next up find extra cash and a tattoo artist

de Taringa!

¡Psicodelia en estado minimalista!

Omg love this. If only I didn't have Sun tattoo already lol


coexist tattoo | henna_coexist_mandala_tshirt.jpg?color=White&height=250&width=250 ...