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First Grade Fresh: Lots of Randomness and Updates...

Fashionable in First: Addition and Subtraction Anchor Charts ~ FREEBIE


Cute math anchor…LOVE the idea of hanging them from blinds! I always keep mine closed anyway:)

de Skinned Knees & Shoelaces

Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!

la suma o adicción


Addition and Subtraction anchor chart for first grade: Number sentences, key vocabulary, showing a model, and using a number line. Putting up at the end of the unit.


Commutative Property Anchor Chart ~ Also works with boats, planes, buses, and trains. For an added twist, have some students stand at separate stops and pretend to get on in different orders, but get the same total load. :)


who what when where why how chart 2nd grade | This one belongs to Teacher Trap ! I love how it shows all the reading ...