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Halloween Writing Craftivity: Creepy Character Traits

Looking for a different kind of writing activity for your goblins and ghouls…

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Free Following Directions Sample Activities

Teaching children how to follow directions can be a difficult task. Come download some free activities that will help to make the process fun and memorable. These are great for students with dyslexia and other language based learning disabilities.

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Reading Assessment Worksheets Printables and Rubrics

Common Core Reading Assessment Worksheets and Rubrics: I like how you included rubrics for each activity. My principal pushes for rubrics, but I don't have time to create them. Thanks so much for taking the work out of it for me. Now I can just teach! $


Character Traits Anchor Chart that is used to help students learn what character traits are AND to help students find evidence that supports their thoughts. This anchor chart can be downloaded here.


ACCOUNT PLANNING METHODS: 49 archetypes of fascinating personalities - according to 'Fascinate'


How do authors develop characters? -

The reading and writing project -

What molds are brains? Experience…It means that we aren’t held captive for the rest of our lives by the way our brain works at this moment…Genes, of course, play a large role in how people turn out, especially in terms of temperament…parents have much they can do to provide the kinds of experiences that will help develop a resilient, well-integrated brain...

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Growth Mindset: Posters, Lessons and Goal Setting

A GROWTH MINDSET NEEDS GRIT, GOAL SETTING AND RESILIENCE: Teaching students to be resilient is no easy task. Too often they give up easily and fail to reach their potential. What they need is a little grit and a set of tools to help them set goals and work toward achieving them.


FREE! A self-reflection worksheet that allows students to evaluate their habits, attitude, behavior, effort, classwork, goals, etc. from 1st Quarter. Excellent processing worksheet to complement fall parent-teacher conferences!