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Reiki : self healing hand positions …

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50 productivity tips to boost your brainpower:

50 productivity tips to boost your brainpower:

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Do the Yoga Routine to Get Relaxed

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Your body doesn't care if it's a small stress or a large one.

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Sufficient levels of magnesium can keep anxiety at bay. Did you know that #Plexus #BioCleanse is 95% Magnesium?! Try it today!

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That seems to be the cycle. The negatives replay like a record, but why not the positives??

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IRÚN. España, RUNNER UP: "Ura Eta Natura". AUTOR: Gerard Durán Barbarà.

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¿No es tiempo de trascender la Inteligencia Emocional? | Inteligencia emocional

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Uno de mis gráficos favoritos y una gran metodología de Visual Thinking

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INTJ Optimism. | this!!! When I stress and someone just says "don't worry, it will be alright"...provide evidence for this statement because you could just be blowing smoke up my ass. This is the proper way to help someone not worry. I need this in my life sometimes. Its not enough to just be this for others...who never appreciate it ;)

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