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Gorros para fiestas hechos con platos de papel

Gorros para fiestas con platos de papel - Party hats with paper plates


sombreros hechos con platos de papel!! actividad muy fácil, lo mas complicado encontrar los platos pero una vez los tienes dibuja contorno, pinta, y corta!! que lo hagan ellos en la medida de lo posible claro!! taller sombreros


Here is a list of therapeutic toys that are commonly used in play therapy. 1. Nurturing/Family Toys • Purpose: Build and explore relationships • Dolls, baby bottles, blankets, diapers, doll house...


FREE DAILY DRAMA GAME ~Bad Monkey~ Create a list of animals on a colored sheet of paper and a list of simple activities on a different colored sheet of paper. Cut apart, and place all in a hat. Have each student choose one of each color. They will end up with a type of animal doing a specific activity such as a 'butterfly' 'washing the dishes.' Members of Drama Notebook have access to this game ready to print out and cut apart, and to a video that shows how the game is played!