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Para las alfombras de tu auto llego: Shampoo para alfombras y tapicería. Revitaliza alfombras brindando una solución completa de limpieza. Penetra profundamente para remover la mugre. Su activo neutraliza olores de humo, moho, olor de mascotas entre otros, dejando un olor fresco. Su espuma puede ser retirada con aspiradora. Dilución:1 lt Producto x 8 lts Agua en forma manual o 1 lt producto x 40 lts de Agua para Máquina de inyección succión.

If your dog is marking or persistently using the same area of carpet to urinate, you can use essential oils on the area such as eucalyptus, cinnamon and sour apple to deter them from using the same area. The smell will be good to you, but dogs don't like them. Using only a few drops diluted in water and delivered through a spray bottle should solve the problem. Also has info on getting rid of stains and orders.

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BEST SOLUTION EVER! I used this on my carpet which was lovingly stained by my five year old... AMAZING! I will never buy solution again! (I may add Borax to it if research allows.)

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Carpet Cleaner for machine More

How To Make A Natural Carpet Cleaning Solution

Whether you own or rent your carpet cleaning machine, this all-natural homemade carpet cleaning solution will ensure that your carpets get a deep clean.

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DIY Carpet Shampoo & Febreze

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~DIY carpet cleaner for machines~ I just made a gallon of this carpet cleaner…


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How To Clean Carpet Stains Quickly

Paying to have your carpets cleaned can get pretty expensive, and renting a…

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50 BEST Homemade Cleaner Recipes

50 Homemade Cleaner Recipes | Ready to ditch the chemical-laden, expensive commercial cleaners? Not matter what you need cleaned, you'll find an all-natural recipe for it here! Homemade dish soap, dishwasher detergent, grout cleaner, window cleaner recipes, carpet shampoo solution, and so much more! Click to see the recipes now or repin to save for later!

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