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Signo Libra Hoy

Naruto character info--- 0 S rank?? Hahaha, he passed S rank level stuff WAY long ago, he's even bypassed Hokage level stuff, pretty sure he's on his only level right now, I mean not only is he fighting the fake ten tails and Madara (the toughest villian in Naruto universe) but he's also sharing his power with an entire army on top of all the stuff he did before all this for the shinobi alliance


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And we don't do it to hurt anyone, we do it to bring balance and understanding; something many people misunderstand because they're used to OTHER people doing it out of spite - so they just assume we're like that too. Sad thing is, it couldn't be further from the truth. We hate hurting people but will tell them what they need to hear to bring about order and fairness, whether they like it or not.