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#imagine "This next song goes out to my beautiful girlfriend. This is Beside You." Luke says, holding back tears. It's your six month anniversary and he's on the other side of the world. After the concert, he tries to FaceTime you leaving you this message when you don't pick up. "Hey baby, I miss you so so so much it's not even funny. I got the penguin you sent me, it still smells like you so I sleep with it every night. I love you, call me when you wake up. *kisses*"


Durante seis meses Sevilla fue la capital del mundo y concentró multitud de actividades culturales y lucrativas así como encuentros políticos y económicos que afianzaron los lazos entre paises diferentes y, sobre todo, entre Sevilla y el resto del mundo.


Nueva edición, con motivo del '75 aniversario, del relato desgarrador de las trece jóvenes fusiladas el 5 de agosto de 1939. Una versión ampliada de Carlos Fonseca, que además recupera a una nueva figura, la denominada Rosa 14, a la cual un error mecanográfico en el nombre salvó de la ejecución durante seis meses.


Today I'm going  to mix it up a little bit! I celebrated my six month anniversary since my last night in the hospital last week. (*taking a...

ONE LITTLE WORD :: AUGUST I can't believe we are nine months into 2016 and I've successfully completed eight prompts from Ali Edward's One Little Word Class. Since this is my first blog post actually discussing my One Little Word I feel like I should give a bit of background. My word is Shine and I chose it because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I also got married this year so I wanted to my word to reflect how I wanted to feel leading up to and during my wedding. Back to…