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24 Ridiculously Sexy Taylor Kitsch Pictures That Might Make You Blush

True Detective star Taylor Kitsch definitely knows how to rock a suit! Check out the hottest pictures of the handsome actor.


Taylor Kitsch Returns to Canada with 'Grand Seduction' After 'John Carter,' 'Battleship' & 'Savages' Misfires | Thompson on Hollywood


Dos emprendedores de Laguna Beach, Ben (Aaron Johnson), un budista pacífico y caritativo, y su mejor amigo Chon (Taylor Kitsch), exmiembro de las fuerzas especiales (SEAL) de la Marina estadounidense y exmercenario, han montado un lucrativo negocio casero: plantar y vender una de las mejores marías que jamás se ha obtenido. También comparten un amor único con la extraordinaria y bella Ophelia (Blake Lively). Llevan una vida idílica en este pueblecito del sur de California hasta que se…


Savages : this modern love story has many layers of culture from modern relationships, and religion, to drugs and violence. The ying-yang symbolism represented by the Catholic antagonist and the Buddhist protagonist as well as the female and male dynamics. Returning of the goddess symbolism ending of the old monothiest ways is such an inspiration to me.


Taylor Kitsch who is very photogenic with or without color :) He's very new to my viewing, but has made enough of an impression that he's become one to watch. He's got a lot of potential for greatness in the right roles that showcase his full range.


taylor kitsch - Ahhh!!! É muita beleza.

**I LOVE This Movie!!** Savages (2012) Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, John Travolta and more... When drug cartel leader Elena moves in on the successful pot-growing operation of entrepreneurs Ben and Chon, she kidnaps the pals' lover, O, to ensure their compliance. Instead, the two men team with a DEA agent and fight back.


Gambit by Taylor Kitsch - X-men Origins: Wolverine


Obsssesssed with Blake Lively in Savages. New Girl Crush!!


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