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Knock it Off! The game board is made up of 12 circles with rhythm values totaling from 1 to 12. Students roll the die and find the circle of rhythm that matches the number on the die and place one of their chips on the circle.

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Rhythm Flashcards

Targes de ritmes... Per imprimi,Gratuïtament!


Swat-A-Rhythm Game (With Variations) - Students compete to be first to swat the correct rhythm they hear. This game is very flexible and can be used for practice many other concepts besides rhythm!

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The Scary Witch Halloween Rhythm Game

Let's Play Music : Halloween Rhythm Sheet - Match the Halloween character to the musical note value in this fun, educational game!


Pass the rhythm around the circle and add some in as you go till you are playing 2 or 3 rhythms at the same time... great for getting the the kids to focus and listen!


How to Do the Boom Snap Clap Hand Game

How to Do the Boom Snap Clap Hand Game: 14 Steps - wikiHow


Rhythm Game: "Busted!" Pull a stick from the jar, clap its rhythm. Pull another stick, clap both rhythms. Continue cumulatively. If you pull the "busted" stick, you have to put all yours back. Kid with most at the end wins.