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DIY Chigger Repellant 2 tsp witch hazel, 4 tbsp water, 5 drops essential oil (can use lavender, tea tree, thyme, or lemongrass). Wish I knew this last weekend.

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Are you prepared for the pesky #mosquitoes on your camping trip? It can make the difference between an enjoyable and an uncomfortable experience. Here we have compiled 10 safe, non-toxic ideas for preventing the mosquito invasion and saving your #campsites.

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Natural Tick Repellent and Tips for Keeping Ticks Away

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WORMWOOD planted as a border repels WASPS! Yellow jacket nests are often found in ground. We're usually unaware until late in the yr as adult YJ act more aggressive in search 4 food 2 stockpile their nests. INSECT REPELLENT HERBS-garlic/chives repel aphids. Basil repels flies/mosquitoes. Marigolds repel nematodes. Mint stops ants. Pennyroyal deters fleas, mosq, ticks, chiggers. Petunias control leafhoppers, certain aphids, tomato worms. Rue repels Japanese beetles in roses…

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Spider-Away Spray: Repel spiders, mice, silverfish, and more with pure peppermint essential oil! Get pure essential oils for your home at Be sure to message Jessica at for specials happening now, and to learn how easy it is to take back your family's health the natural way!

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Interesting how-to on how to kill ticks before they spread! Tick Tubes

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Details about Sawyer Products Insect Repellent Protects Against Mosquitoes Chiggers Gnats Tick

Sawyer Products Insect Repellent Protects Against Mosquitoes Chiggers Gnats Tick #SawyerProducts

Repelente de pulgas para perros: medio litro de vinagre, medio litro de agua, 25 gotas de aceite de árbol de té y 25 gotas de aceite de lavanda, todo mezclado, y con atomizador.

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How to Make Rosemary Oil

How to Make Rosemary Skin Oil, which is a natural mosquito and chigger repellant