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Renewed bombings follow urgent appeals to save Syrian Kurdish border town from jihadis as tension rises in Turkey

The Problem of Democracy in Postwar Europe :: <P>The current perception of democratic crisis in Western Europe gives a renewed urgency to a new perspective on the way democracy was reconstructed after World War II and the principles that underpinned its postwar transformation. This study accounts for the formation of the postwar democratic order in Western Europe by studying how the main political actors in France, West Germany and Italy conceptualized democracy and strove over its...

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Serendipity "Lo primero es darse cuenta de que usted está en control de su propia energía .... el tipo que viene de los alimentos, el aire, las relaciones amorosas, la belleza de la naturaleza y el flujo de la creatividad-para su propio bien. Ellos son parte de su derecho de nacimiento, sino que se conecta a la corriente de la vida, que se renueva constantemente ". - Deepak Chopra

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Spring has sprung, my friends. Blossoms fill the air with their sweet scent, and finally! the precious, young leaves grow from trees in such fresh green colors. And people are feeling it too, it's the time of renewal, the time for new projects, the time for new openings! And plenty there are. So here's to a new list of new places we all have to try. (It's quite Kreuzberg and Neukölln heavy this time, I'm afraid. This has a little to do with a personal bias and much with a current "trend".)

11 Reasons to Watch Daredevil

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Turkey Uses ISIS as Excuse to Attack Kurds

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Jeanne Connolly de la Renovación de la Vendimia

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Alt=Series title over a Fleur-de-lis and an explosion

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Aquarius | NBC premiers many 28

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