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Cómo perder los dientes... (de una vez y para siempre) #Humor


Taurus believe that no matter how many times they fail, they will get back, stronger than before. You can't break this sign.

While I think that this is too generalizing of the fan base (not all of us ship them...or are teenagers for that matter), I have to say that this is what it feels like some days to be part of the Phandom... <<<< True because while I am a teenager, I don't ship them and it feels exactly like this


"Las despedidas duelen, pero duele más si nunca se despidió". #Citas #Frases @Candidman


And stop saying you know their Sexuality's, they haven't Confirmed it yet so stop. (Yes I know Dan's old MySpace said he was bi but that was years ago, and Phil Hasn't said anything about his yet. You can say their Bi/ Pan or anything else when they confirm it okay Thank)

when someone says that grant gustin isn't hot