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Pantone Solid Coated Colours & Spot Colours for Vinyl, Security and Paper Stickers Pantone Solid Coated colours print quite well and most of them are fairly accurate, however due to vagaries as a result of machine settings and the type of stock we print on, colours may visually change slightly. Some colours tend to appear a …
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The core of this project was to come up with different graphs that represent PANTONE solid coated spectrum. 1138 PANTONE colors codes were converted to RGB automatically in Adobe Illustrator. No colors were changed in the process.
"intense cape cod" wedding colors tweaked to perfection. Pantone Solid Coated 317 C Pantone Solid Uncoated 336 U Pantone Solid Coated 7546 C Pantone Solid Coated 2026 C Pantone Solid Coated 201 C
neon plastisol inks by Wilflex compared to Pantone Solid Coated Guide
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Hex 006140  Pantone Solid Coated 3425 C

#006140 hex color

This Pantone blue is a blue black that will be very in during 2015 and 2016