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ORIJEN 6 FISH está repleta de pescado salvaje de primera calidad que incluyen salmón del Pacífico, arenque y platija de la isla de Vancouver, y corégono, lucioperca y trucha de lago, todo entregado fresco cada día, por lo que nunca se congela. Sin cereales y baja en carbohidratos, ORIJEN 6 FISH contiene una nutritiva variedad de frutas y verduras que proporcionan vitaminas antioxidantes.Toda la gama Orijen en

Love crispy, breaded fish but dislike the deep-frying? We have the perfect Crispy Baked Walleye Recipe for you that only takes 25 minutes to prepare and make! For those of you who only like deep-fried fish, you will absolutely love this recipe. Change up the recipe a bit by using your favorite seasonings or you can also use tilapia or other white fish fillets. Our Personalized 9×13″ Glass Baking Dish worked perfectly for the recipe too!


Ritzy Crusted Walleye | Community | Legendary Whitetails


Walleye Dip - courtesy of Shel Zolkewich - [4 Recipes Worthy of Your Ice Fishing Catch, Trophy Case Fishing & Hunting Blog]

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Best Fried Walleye

This is the recipe we've been using for 25 years. It's light and clean-tasting because there's no sense in masking the naturally delicious flavor of such an awesome Canadian delicacy! No tartar sau...

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Broiled Cajun Walleye

Here is a recipe a little on the lighter side, broiled Cajun walleye fillets. This is a very simple recipe given to me by George, a good friend of mine at work. George and his son are avid fisherman; all season long they fish the Alleghany...

Crispy Baked Walleye - dip in egg/water then mixture of bread crumbs, instant mashed potatoes, parmesan cheese & season salt. Bake at 450 - 15-20 minutes.


Ultimately Crispy Pan-Fried Perch

This straightforward recipe shows you how to pan-fry perch for a great result. Expect the perch to remain juicy and moist on the inside but go crispy and golden brown on the outside, which is exactly the result you will want when frying fish. This recipe is best served with tartar sauce and lemon wedges. You could also offer fries or potato salad, as well as a tossed green salad or perhaps some broccoli or green beans.