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Receta Ternera Fria Marinada

A tender eye of round beef roast is marinated overnight with a zesty blend of Cajun, horseradish, garlic, hot pepper sauce, and thyme for seasonings, then slow cooked for eight hours to tender perfection.


Barbacoa de carne de vaca Teriyaki -1 Arrachera 16 brochetas para barbacoa 2 cucharaditas de sésamo oi sal pimienta teriyaki glaseado de salsa de soja 1 taza 1/2 taza de azúcar morena 2 cucharadas de miel 1 cucharada de ajo 1 cucharada de mirin , picado 1 cucharadita de jengibre picado 1 cucharada de fécula de maíz 1/4 taza de agua fría 48 Pines agregados de Nuevo 8 " Me gusta "

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Leg of Lamb Shawarma


Italian Recipes-Great Chicago Italian Recipes and Cooking

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Pine Nut Meatballs with assorted veggies and spinach – Crock Pot / Slow Cooker Recipe

This recipe is intended to be extremely flexible, an open-sourced meatball if you will. The only necessities are your ground meat of choice, pine nuts, and crushed/blenderized tomatoes Ingredients: One pound of ground meat of choice. Beef, veal, lamb, and even turkey work just fine.


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Authentic Korean Barbecue LA galbi Barbecue Short Ribs galbidone Best recipe! Yum!

TGIF 4th of July Style!  Now is the time to fire up the grill, enjoy a big, juicy steak and tip back a cold one.  Thats why this recipe for Beer-Marinated Peppered T-Bone Steaks is the perfect dish for this weekend.  A mouth-watering T-bone steak is marinated in beer, mustard, brown sugar and other [...]

If you're interested in curing meat in a smokehouse, or a smoker, the way our ancestors did, than you can learn all about it here.

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Mediterranean Marinade

Bistro flavors meet classic steak house in this simple, satisfying meal. The marinade for the flank steak is made with red-wine vinegar, rosemary, and garlic. Serve with smashed and seasoned cherry tomatoes and a salad of crunchy, cold radishes, red onion, and greens. Use a fresh, crusty baguette to sop up the juices or to make sandwiches.