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Zmey Gorynych, the Russian three-headed dragon (Ivan Bilibin 065). In the Slavic myth, the Earth refuses it as it is so vile that Mother Earth wishes not to have it within her womb, and it remains above ground for all eternity. The blood of the dragon in Beowulf has acidic qualities, allowing it to seep through iron. Heinrich von Winkelried dies after the blood of the dragon slain by him accidentally drips on him.


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Comforting Lies Vs Unpleasant Truths


Very Eloquent and Very True. It is upon us All to stop the Madness of Trump and the Daily Damage he's cause Our Nation. It's Absolutely Reprehensible the way Trump has Divided Our Nation and we must put an End to the Ugliness in November. It is Our Responsibility!!

the racist camera from Russell Howard's Good News

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WATCH: Racist Woman Has Meltdown After Her Child Bumps A Car At Target

VIDEO: Racist Woman Completely Loses It After Her Own Child Accidentally…

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28 Cringeworthy Examples of Accidental Racism