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El valor de una mujer no lo mide su ropa

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"Height Restrictions", giraffe, bicycle and rainbow illustration by Lim Heng Swee (ilovedoodle) - It's tough being a giraffe riding a bicycle under a rainbow. That's her life! /

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23 cosas que nunca diría una chica alta

“Odio cuando la gente piensa que mido 10 cms más.” | 23 cosas que nunca diría una chica alta

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Igualmohh la mismo q con mi novio . Incluso la talla jajaja

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What's Next: 11 New Trends for the Bathroom

I love the look of the vanity. Problem with using old cabinets or dressers into bathroom vanities is that they are often the wrong height. Gotta doublecheck for that when considering that kind of upcycle. #vanity What's Next: 11 New Trends for the Bathroom

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20 Things You Should Never Say To A Short Woman

We've already heard from tall women and skinny women about the comments directed at their physical appearances that seriously get under their skin. And now, it's time for the petite ladies out there to have their turn.

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"(...) Quieres contarme de qué trata todo esto o debería simplemente llamar a la policía? —¿Y decirles que?—replico Jace con tono mordaz—¿Que gente invisible te esta molestando? confía en mí, pequeña, la policía no arrestará a alguien que no puede ver. —Ya te dije que mi nombre no es pequeña—mascullo ella entre dientes—Es Clary" (Jace y Clary Ciudad de Hueso)

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informed of health hazards in the workplace. In fact it is a legal requirement. The worker needs to understand which body movements and posi...

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Julia Child at her apartment at 81 rue de l’Université in Paris, ca. 1950

Bibbliotecària, un trabajo de altura

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En voilà un système ingénieux! Le lavabo a été étudié pour s'adapter aux différents tailles. Il reste à voir son poids et le côté maniable de l'objet, mais il y a de l'idée et c'est beau!!!

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Hate youuuuuuu jajajaja

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¿Tus Padres Son Bajos y Te Preguntas Como Puedo Crecer de Estatura? Aqui Descubriras Algunos Consejos Que Te Ayudaran a Potenciar Tu Altura Naturalmente.

13 Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard & Deck (With Pictures)

Lemon grass is a natural mosquito repellent and grows quite tall. Plant some in deep planters and place on the patio or where you will have people sitting, and you will also have a privacy hedge with the height the grass grows. The scent is very appealing, not like sprays contains deet! It us a perennial grass so you won't have to worry about planting it again!!.

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In reality, Hamilton was about 5'7" which is still average height. His problem was that he worked with literal giants.

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El problema de las petisas

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@saraspot y los problemas de la chicas bajitas - LaPollaDesertora

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32 problemas que todas las chicas altas entenderán

Jajajajajaja me retuerzo de risa, parece un duente

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Attack on Titan ~~ Heichou, "envy" is one of the seven deadly sins. You are aware of that, right? :: Bertholdt Hoover and Rivaille (Levi)

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"Problema de petisos #220 Saber que ya dejaste de crecer."

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LOSING YOURSELF IN A FICTIONAL CHARACTER, new research suggests identification with fictional characters influences personal behavior. Great topic for #litchat's Media Monday.

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Yes, I'm petite... but that's ok! ADVANTAGES BEING SHORT WOMAN PETITE

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Permite que el símbolo de la Flor de Lis te recuerde hacer la limpieza y soltar la programación negativa...

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