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Potter Puppet Pals- Mysterious Ticking Noise- Snape, Ron, Dumbledore, Hermione, Harry, and finally Voldemort

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Harry Potter Puppet Pals: Neville's Birthday

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Potter Poppet Pal -TMTN- FB by ~Twird96 --- Love This

Potter Poppet Pal -TMTN- FB by ~Twird96 --- Love This

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Potter Puppet Pals- Snape's Diary- Ron and Snape- "I hope you find your button, Snape." "So do I, Orange One, so do I..."

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Winter by Marissa Meyer: Release Delay

Found out there's AnOther book Fairest which is Levana's story...very interesting... btw comes out b4 Winter by Marissa Meyer

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Potter Puppet Pals. I've watched this so many times I can hear it

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hahahaha this kills me every time.

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