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Maria Loks photographed by HART+LËSHKINA for Wallpaper Magazine October 2014

7, Heather Pearson Photography, prom minis, seniors, posing


So talented.....yes indeed she is, not just talented but she is a great person as well


Flexible Dance Photography

vihao pham - Vihao Pham is a Virginia-based photographer, whose skill extends beyond the workings of photography and into the ability to exercise a creative eye...

Bend over backwards, fall head over heels


Photography, black and white, ballet, dancer, ballerina, art


JCD Team training builds grace flexibility posture lines and most importantly confidence! A gorgeous photo of what excellence in education can produce with JCD graduate Alex pictured here in 2002. #arabesque #beauty #confidence #flexibility #posture #dance #danceclass #competitionteam #maitlandfl

Warrior I (The warrior postures have a captivating mythological story behind them. The tale comes from the Bhagavad Gita and is based on the Hindu gods. After a dispute between Daksha and his daughter, Sati, her husband avenges his wife by creating a warrior, Virabhadra. The warrior goes to Daksha and uses 3 poses: warrior I, where he raises his swords in both hands; warrior II where he looks ahead to seek out his opponent; and warrior III, where he removes Daksha’s head. Then he repents.)ee