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PE – Top 5 Motivating Exercise Routines for Students

Throughout my 20 years of teaching I’ve steadily grown as a PE teacher through trial and error.  I remember my earlier days when each class was kicked off with a warm-up lap and a stretching …

Family nights are a great way to bring in the community. Get your parents involved in learning about the things your kids are working on every day! Here is the process I follow when I plan a family night for any content area (literacy, math, etc.)

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PE Poster: "I Can" Statements- Standard 3: Achieving a Higher Level of Fitness

PE Poster: I Can Statements- Standard 3: Achieving a Higher Level of Physical Fitness


Have a square of tape on the ground, do a version of the hokey pokey. Have the students jump in and out of the square, walk to the right around the square, etc. This would be a good large motor activity to get preschoolers moving about.

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The Technology Revolution in Physical Education

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