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Painting baseboards?? Protect your carpets with press n seal!!

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How to Paint Baseboards On Carpet

I get a roll of packing tape, and roll out a foot or two touching the carpet and going up a little over an inch of the baseboard. Then I take a smaller putty knife and push the top of the tape down between the baseboard and the carpet, I continue working my way across the whole area to be painted.

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Fast and EASY Way to Paint Baseboards (on hard surfaces)

Do you dread the tedious project of touching up your baseboards? Find out a fast and EASY way to paint baseboards, that will make you wonder why you waited!

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10 Great Painting Tips

Instead of using painter’s tape to mask off above baseboards and other areas you don’t want painted when painting trim, use a so-called paint shield.


How to Paint Your Trim -- tips for how to paint your trim and baseboards easily, quickly and without ruining your walls, carpet or hard floo...

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How to Paint Wooden Trim White

If your home is full of old brown trim, this post will tell you everything you need to know about how to paint your trim and doorways as painlessly and inexpensively as possible.


Freshly Handmade: Tutorial: A Beginner's Guide to Painting Wood Trim

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How to Paint Baseboards

How to Paint Baseboards: Are your dingy, scuffed, or chipped baseboards getting you down? Perk them right up with a fresh coat of paint. Here's how.

10 must-have painting tools - use a paint guard when doing baseboards and trim. No need to tape the walls!

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Tips for Painting Baseboards Flawlessly

Tips for Painting Baseboards Flawlessly - how to properly paint baseboards