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Tungiasis is an infestation of the skin by a burrowing flea called Tunga penetrans (also known as Sarcopsylla penetrans or Pulex penetrans, or more commonly as the chigoe flea, bicho de pie (bug of the foot), jigger, nigua, pico, pigue, and sand flea. Chigoe flea is sometimes confused with chigger or harvest mite.

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Homemade Eggnog

The BEST (and easiest) Homemade Eggnog recipe! On


Teeth removed from meth users at a free clinic......I would kill to have this bucket of teeth......Believe it or not, after the removal of the tendon material and gum tissue that hold the tooth to the skull, and after being cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and a polish to any remaining enamel on any given tooth, these can fetch 10 to 50 dollars a piece at any oddities shop.... With the patience to find the correct buyer here is thousands of dollars. Weird but true!


Bizarre Yet Real Human Oddities (23 Photos) | Crazy pics


The lovely Dee is raising funds for FOP. Her niece Lucy has the condition, but research funds are running out. Dee has already raised an incredible £750 of her £1,000 target. I have gifted a Freedom Discovery Session to help raise funds, but want to help more. So ... For the next month I am donating £2 from every sale of my book. To order your copy and help raise funds for this brave lady go to:


It’s Dede: The “Tree Man” Dede, aka “Tree Man“, is an Indonesian fisherman who has been slowly changing from a human into a tree… or at least that is what it appears. After cutting his knee as a teenager, Dede began to grow tree like warts that have baffled local doctors and medical experts for over 20 years.


Arachnodactyly (“spider fingers”) or achromachia, is a condition in which the fingers are abnormally long and slender in comparison to the palm of the hand. It can be present at birth or develop in later life. This feature can occur on its own, with no underlying health problems. However, it can also be associated with certain medical conditions which include Marfan syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and homocystinuria. *sorry, image not photoshopped.