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Today I bring the latest and colorful work of Eric Voullosky androgynous model, for an Italian beauty magazine that has been published this February. Anecdotally, the magazine was not informed of the name of the model until two days before publication, since the theme of androgyny in Italy is censored. The truth is that this really well got the look. Kilian.

Spearmint Tea Benefits~helps morning sickness, nausea from any cause, soothing to sore throat, if used regularly can reduce androgen imbalance(for some people causes too much embarrassing hair growth), and aids in digestion.


Baldness occurs when our time forward. It is a natural process. Specifically, inherited and the genetic code is executed received during formation in the womb of the stimulus appropriati. Hair follicles sensitive to the stimulus, the male hormone "androgen" also referred to as "testosterone" in both sexes. #hair #hairloss #alopecia #biotin #stop #regrowthvitamins #hairproducts #baldnesstreatment #homeremediesfor hairloss #arganrainproducts #how #the #music #baldnessolution #healthy #beauty

Neuropsychopharmacology - Abstract of article: Cannabinoids Prevent the Effects of a Footshock Followed by Situational Reminders on Emotiona...

If you suffer from acne, hormonal imbalance, PCOS or excess body hair, read this. We explore how to reduce androgens in females naturally with foods and supplements.


Spearmint Tea can also help deal with PCOS due to its anti-androgenic properties. Drinking spearmint tea can help reduce hirsutism, or excess body hair, by reducing free and total testosterone levels and increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels.